Local heritage receives ever greater attention in Italy and Europe.
When we talk about heritage we are referring to a complex environment that brings together natural and cultural, tangible and intangible legacies and not just a collection of assets.
When we say local we are referring to the bond that a community establishes with a complex wealth made up of values

  • archaeological, from fortifications to the systems of ancient settlements or traces of ancient productions;
  • environmental, such as characteristic landscapes or natural habitats;
  • architectural, from the characteristic buildings of a place to rural buildings or details such as pavements, tombstones or traditional writings;
  • intangible, such as stories, poems, songs, dialects, recipes, traditions, or characteristics of how people lived.

In 1995, Piedmont promulgated the first Italian law on ecomuseums, deeming this instrument the most suitable for valorising this type of heritage.
Since then, ecomuseums and other local heritage development experiences have grown across the country.

This site is a gateway to the exploration of Italian ecomuseums, their territories and what is developing in and around them.

The ham, parmesan and tomato museums will be born in Parma.
Three museums to enhance the typical production of the area.
Cnr and the European Union to save the sea fortresses
300,000 €uro to save the ancient Saracen towers.
The Puppet Castle in Parma
The largest museum of puppets and marionettes in Italy will open in Parma.
The La Routo exhibition inaugurated in Saint Martin de Crau (Provence).
What links the Ecomusée de la Crau to the Piedmontese Occitan valleys?
"The new fairy tales" series
"Pietrùn, Pietròt, Pietrìn", the 2001 fairy tale
The schools will invent the logo and slogan of the Cascina Moglioni Ecomuseum
daily path of the ecomuseums

What is an ecomuseum?

The Ecomuseum Laboratory

How do you become an ecomuseum of the Piedmont Region?

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