The gambling industry rakes in billions

The gambling industry rakes in billions of dollars each year and provide millions of jobs. Although criticized by some who say it promotes corruption at different levels, crime and compulsive gambling, it still has an interest when money needs to be raised for certain services without increasing taxes.

There are many types of gambling, not all legal. Several other public and private.


Based on chance lottery in which players buy a set of numbers in the hope that they match interesting. Depending on the bet slot terpercaya, the winner can take home millions of dollars or be provided with a lower prizes such as cars and electronics.

Players buy several sets of numbers to increase their chances of winning are always slim. However, the desire to win forcing many to continue the purchase of tickets. A report in 2011 noted the global lottery sales of about $ 262 billion.

gambling machines

slot machines are also games of chance. A player inserts money into the machine and use a lever or button for spinning reels. If the image combinations or numbers are identical, the player wins. Like most gaming machines / casino, slot machines are designed so that the odds of winning are very slim. It brings money for temporary housing attract players to accept the challenge.


Bingo is a game that saw the players ticking off the number of cards called by the caller. Anyone who has a series of numbers on a card wins. The numbers called out completely random and the game requires players to pay attention as if a player has a number on the card, but failed to mark it, he lost the chance to win.


Blackjack is a card game that is often played in casinos. The game itself is quite simple but can cause players to the chance of taking the card again and see them lose. Players are dealt cards each turn and added value of the cards as close to 21 as possible. If a player scores his opponent’s total of 18 and 17, the first player wins. However, in an effort to get the number of 21, the player sometimes continue to take another card to a total of more than 21. In this case, the player who exceeds the amount of loss and win his opponent.


Roulette is another popular casino games see players bet on where the ball lands. The host spinning wheel as a player bets were numbered holes they think the ball will land on. They also can bet on as many numbers that add up to an even or odd number. Whoever guesses correctly, wins.


Scratchcards are card numbers or symbols that are hidden under a cover that can be scratched by a coin or print a hard object. The results are expressed in the television, radio or newspapers. Buyers who have the right number / series of numbers or symbols of victory.

Most contests scratchcard offering less valuable prize even though the odds of winning larger than the slot machines and other types of gambling.


Poker is a very popular card game played between two or more people. They are given two cards each with three lay face down on the table. Bets placed on the value of the card. The player has the highest hand wins into account not only the cards in hand but on the table.